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Wednesday 26 October 2016 Instagram
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Appraising quality of research: a vital skill


The mainstream media has been flooded by free trade proponents and heavily backed by those that will profit from it the most. This makes public debate more difficult.
A Treasury Department official under President George W. Bush who enforced U.S. law on dealings with foreign countries under economic sanctions says the $340 million fine Standard Chartered agreed to pay due to its New York branch’s dealings with Iran is a disappointment.
Cheng says that for the last decade the Chinese regime has accumulated its wealth primarily by promoting real estate development, buying urban and suburban residential properties at low prices (or simply taking them), and selling them to developers at high prices.
This article is about the abuse of the welfare system by government assisted people who do not desire to be on welfare. The article shows how people abuse the system and how the government wont assist people that are hard working but can't afford to have health care.
My wife lived the Soviet meltdown and later the Ukrainian crash in the 90s. She laughs at our current “crisis” and says we have not yet seen a real crisis.
The shortfall on the trade balance narrowed 10.7 percent to $42.9 billion, the smallest since December 2010, the Commerce Department said. Economists polled by Reuters had expected the trade gap to narrow to $47.5 billion.
Under austerity targets insisted upon by more solvent members of the euro zone, Mario Monti’s technocrat government had targeted a deficit of 1.7 percent of GDP for this year, compared with 3.9 percent in 2011. However, Economy Minister Vittorio Grilli said on Sunday that the target would be missed.
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Most of the U.S. economy is composed of services.

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