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'Clarification needed' for named clinician plans

'Clarification needed' for named clinician plans

'Clarification needed' for named clinician plans

Healthcare leaders have called for clarification over the Health Secretary’s proposal to introduce named clinicians in the care of elderly patients. 

Earlier today Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said one nurse or doctor should be responsbile for elderly patients' care in the community, acting as a single point of information for the patient.

The plans could place additional burdens on clinicians, according to the FDA, who have challenged Jeremy Hunt to free up GP time if he wants the scheme to work. 

Despite agreeing in general, Dr Michael Taylor, FDA national executive said: “The secretary of state needs a reality check.

“This plan will place additional burdens on UK general practice, which is at breaking point in many areas.” 

The NHS Alliance questioned whether GPs would get additional resources for the extra work. 

Dr David Jenner, NHS Alliance general practice network lead said: “We think that there will need to be greater clarity and explicit detail around what is actually meant by additional responsibility.” 

Royal College of Nursing (RCN) chief executive Dr Peter Carter agreed that providing extra resources will be needed. 

He said: “It is essential to provide the necessary resources and support to make the NHS of the future meet all the needs of patient centred care.

“It is vital that the named clinicians in this role have the capacity and the organisational support to join up services so that patients experience a seamless journey from home to hospital and back again.” 

The RCN and NHS Alliance have committed to working with the government to develop the scheme. 

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