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Sunday 23 October 2016 Instagram
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Fee hike agreed by nursing regulator


Did I read "taken more cases to hearing than is necessary" That really doesnt make any sense whatsoever. Am I wrong in thinking that that is a totally waste of time, money and will cause severe stress to people who should not have been taken to a hearing.
Inflation is 2.5%, pay at most has gone up 1% but the rise is 20%......I realise that we have to be registered with the NMC but really!!!

Difficult decision my eye, what is the point of a consultation when clearly they ignore any feedback & go ahead with the price hike regardless. At a time when nurse wages are being frozen or given negligible pay rises in relation to the actual cost of living we now have another fee increase way above inflation! The NMC clearly don't really care about the impact on nurses & we have no control, we can't boycott the payment because we can't practice without NMC membership. They've got us over a barrel!

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