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Good progress made with flu vaccinations

Good progress made with flu vaccinations

Good progress made with flu vaccinations

The latest flu vaccination figures show good uptake for older people, pregnant women and two to three year old children

Two to three year old children have been included in the seasonal flu programme for the first time. 

As of 24 November 2013, more than 43% of under 65s in a clinical risk group, 34% of pregnant women and 67% of all over 65s have received the flu vaccine. 

Current figures for flu vaccination uptake among children were 34% in all two year olds and 30% in all three year olds. 

Dr. Richard Pebody, a flu expert at Public Health England said: “For most people influenza infection is just a nasty experience, but for some it can lead to illnesses that are more serious, including bronchitis and secondary bacterial pneumonia, which can be life threatening.

“Older people and those groups at risk of developing complications include people with weakened immune systems, as well as those with underlying conditions such as neurological disorders, liver, lung or renal disease, heart problems or diabetes, and pregnant women. Vaccination remains the best way to protect against the potential serious harm from flu this winter.”

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