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GPs and nurses slam government reforms and hospital care

GPs and nurses slam government reforms and hospital care

GPs and nurses slam government reforms and hospital care

Distrust in hospitals and a lack of support for the NHS reforms amongst GPs, practice managers and nurses has been revealed in a survey by Campden Health, a leading publishing, events and research company.

On the eve of GPs taking control of a huge chunk of NHS money Primary Concerns: A Survey of Healthcare Professionals found that only 7% supported the reforms.

On April 1 £65 billion of NHS money will be handed to 211 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) but 60% of the 1041 GPs, nurses and practice managers polled, are unsure about the reforms.

For those opposed to the changes, two reasons stand out. Almost two-thirds of those polled see the reforms as a “distraction from caring for patients”. Exactly as many believe that the changes are a step towards privatisation of the health service.

Among opponents of the reforms, 58% believe they will mean doctors will spend too much time on management, and 47% believe the changes amount to a waste of money.

However the survey also shows that primary care professionals are not happy with the status quo. Only 54% said they would be happy for a member of their own family to be treated at the local hospital.

The survey also indicates how NHS care may change when decisions are in the hands of primary care clinicians. 

There was a low tolerance among respondents for NHS funding of homeopathy and acupuncture with 54% and 28% respectively calling for it to be stopped. 

A huge 83% want to introduce charges for those that fail to attend appointments and 63% said that those who end up in A&E because of alcohol should also be charged.

Victoria Vaughan, Campden Health's editor-in-chief, said: “While confidence in the reforms seems low those leading the change are prepared to make tough decisions to improve care for patients.

“The survey highlights that local hospital care is not right. CCGs have the power to change this as long as they get support from the public and politicians both locally and nationally.”

The survey found: 

• Almost half of primary care professionals do not believe their local hospital is good enough to treat their families

• Less than 7% expressed support for government reform programme

• A huge 83% want charges for patients who fail to attend appointments

Full results are available here. 


The NHS has never been planned from the day it was formed.

Every Royal event is planned to the last detail - and it works every time.

Large projects such as the London Shard and the A 380, the cross London tube, the Channel Tunnel, The rebuilding of the Twin Towers, to mention but a few. Were all planned to the smallest detail BEFORE the go ahead was given.

Yet we see this government embarking on the biggest project that puts most of those in the shade, without establishing a proven workable plan.

All they have is a "VISION" - that spells trouble with a capital "T". In other words they are flying by the seat of their pants.

Look what happened to the famous IT project - abandoned after who knows how much was wasted. WHY ? Because NOBODY sat down and drew up a detailed specification and a CPA for it's implementation.

That is why IBM pulled out in the early days, because the people running it did not have a clue as to what they were doing.

Similar claims have been voiced by just about every section of the service about the new reshuffle but the government are refusing to listen.

This latest reshuffle [without a detailed CPA plan that is what it is - a reshuffle] it is doomed to fail.

It is the biggest Lego Land exercise ever undertaken, with nobody really knowing where their piece fits in or even if it will fit in.

The existing efficiency of all the numerous departments has not been established so you are trying to match services with vastly varying levels of efficiency in costing and quality - a real mishmash.

Is the new chief going to sort out the big anomaly about GP pay. They are private contractors yet they get an NHS pension, WHY ?

Putting them in charge of running the NHS has at a stroke privatized the NHS. Well done Mr Cameron.

In one of the old documents falsely entitled "NHS PLAN" it was said -"... following 4 years research they discovered that if you cared for, involved and valued your staff their efficiency and productivity increased - what happened to that report ? I think it must have been binned.

The level of moral is at it's lowest, NOT because of public criticism but due to the services been forever changing direction, shortage of staff, lack of proper leadership at ALL levels.

If anyone points out a failing they are sacked.

Experience does not have a value only bits of paper called degrees.

If you want to progress do the old trick agree that the ship is not sinking, whilst heading for the life boat. NEVER disagree with your superiors and commit suicide if you insist that what is being proposed will not work or is a waste of money or is not in the patients best interest, and agree with everything they say - do not rock the boat. It does not matter if you are a dummy you WILL get promoted - the service is full of them.

This ha sbeen helped WORLDWIDE with over 30,000 having CCSVI which is discrimmination to disabled NOT to do via the NHS . Too many have cosy relationships with pharmas with many deadly MS drugs and thats why its being denied . Many involved which is SICK

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