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Friday 21 October 2016 Instagram
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Mental health charity ‘struggling’ to keep up with demand

Mental health charity ‘struggling’ to keep up with demand

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More people are seeking advice from mental health charities since the start of the recession.

Advisors from mental health charity Mind have noted calls on personal finances and employment have risen by 100% since 2008.

This year has also seen another surge in calls to Mind’s infoline and Legal line up – 18% and 28% respectively – when compared to 2010-11.

However, the service is also struggling to keep up with the demand as 40% of calls went unanswered between 2011-12.

“Mental wellbeing can depend on a wide variety of factors, from employment status and working conditions, to financial security,” said Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind.

“All of these can be affected during tough economic times and, as we head back into recession, we are seeing an ever growing need for what Mind has to offer.

“The era of austerity shows little sign of abating and more and more people need our help. At the same time the local Mind network is facing the challenging situation of increased demand for services and potential cuts to funding.”

Available five days a week, the national advice service covers both England and Wales and responded to over 40,000 contacts in 2011-12.

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