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NICE: Smoking, alcohol and obesity quality standards

NICE: Smoking, alcohol and obesity quality standards

NICE will start to release quality standards for public health, it was announced at their annual conference today (15 May 2013).

The first quality standards will be on tobacco, alcohol and obesity, Lord Earl Howe told the gathering in Birmingham.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) parliamentary under secretary for quality Lord Earl Howe said: “The expansion of NICE quality standards to public health complements the work that NICE is already doing on quality standards for the NHS and social care.

“They will be an important tool for local authorities and Public Health England and will help to support integration across health, social care and public health.”

NICE, developing the standards with Public Health England (PHE) aims to bring to public health the same scrutiny as other areas in the healthcare landscape.

NICE deputy chief executive Professor Gillian Leng is “very pleased” the government asked to develop public health quality standards.

She said: “NICE public health quality standards will help support integration across the three sector, health, social care and public health.

“They will also ensure that those responsible for commissioning services will have access to the complete picture of what an effective service across the whole pathway should look like.”

Professor Leng added that the quality standards will be a “useful tool” for local authorities, as they take on their new public health functions.

The first public health quality standard is expected to be published in August 2013.

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