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Monday 24 October 2016 Instagram
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NMC ‘strengthened’ by new directors

NMC ‘strengthened’ by new directors

NMC ‘strengthened’ by new appointments

Three new directors have been appointed at the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). 

Leading on Fitness to Practise, Continued Practice and Registration, the new directors will help “strengthen the team” according to NMC chief executive Jackie Smith. 

Smith said: “We face important challenges so we can deliver effective and efficient regulation, to protect the public.  

“Each director has an absolutely key priority on their plate.” 

Fitness to practise

Sarah Page has been acting director of fitness to practise since 2011 and the NMC claims she has already led “significant improvements” to the directorate. 

An NMC statement said Page has already brought investigations in house to use resources more efficiently and more than doubled the number of hearings held each day.

Page’s role will focus on the delivery of NMC plans to  “further demonstrate improvements in the timeliness, quality and customer service aspects of this work”. 

Continued practice 

Revalidation, education, standards development and quality assurance of education will be supervised by Dr Katerina Kolyva. 

Previously a senior policy adviser on health and social policy for the European Parliament, Kolyva will engage with stakeholders in education and standards to improve public protection through collaborative work post-Francis report. 

The NMC is committed to introducing a system of revalidation by 2015 which is risk-based, proportionate and which will not add to the registration fee. 


The lead on maintaining the register, registration policy and processes will be Alison Sansome. 

Sansome’s key focus will be the registration improvement programme. She will also lead on strengthening public protection and developing a more effective and customer friendly process. 

Before working at the NMC, Samsome was a programme director for a new Ministry of Justice system implementation at Hewlett Packard. 


Having practiced as a nurse specialist for 37 years without comment I am currently the subject of an NMC FTP investigation. Needless to say I utterly refute the matters brought by my former rogue NHS employer following my complaints about patient abuses. However it is the NMC's contribution which causes me particular concern. Their solicitor has returned and embellished original prosecution details immediately accounted for and thus dropped at the time and has created a whole new charge suggesting that the use of my home computer to write a letter of complaint about directly observed patient abuses (which resulted in two internal inquiries and the written thanks of the Trust CEO) constitutes a "breach of patient confidentiality". Moreover the NMC solicitors’ written case spliced two key documents back to back making the presentation incomprehensible. Nevertheless the hearing convened to decide whether to pass it on to the Practice and Conduct committee did so without a second thought and failed to note this gross error. Therefore the panel clearly didn’t read its own material. If the NMC are not reading its own material then what chance of it reading the registrants?
I have taken out a formal complaint.

does it really make any difference who is in charge at NMC most nurese like myself feel we are paying our annual fees to pay saleries to people who do not know what is going on in the real world Most people are struggling to make ends meet and i think the annual fee to remain on the register is disgraceful but who really cares


Glad to see that introducing a new revalidation system will not add to the registration fee. Is this a hint of things to come? They will justify increases in fees by letting us know how much they are improving practice? Is that not their job anyway and who was responsible for Fitness to Practice, Continued Practice and Registration previously? Maybe they left the job because they were not being paid enough. Seems to be the way of Bureaucrats these days, increasing management structures at the expense of the front line. Next thing they will be looking for bonuses and performance linked salaries.

Nice to see our increase in fees has gone to pay 3 more fat cat salaries when we aren't gettin a pay increase in the private sector and wont be for years!!!!!
When I registered many years ago we were told our fee was a "one off" what a joke!!

one very disillusioned nurse!!

So, apparently they have now doubled the daily hearings and "improved" the quality and customer service aspect. Customer service to whom? Their paymasters - ie us? Or the vexatious complainants? Why was'nt this done before? Why was'nt their inept incompetence dealt with earlier? Is it because nurses do not matter in the grand scheme of things?
Because they have such sweeping powers which instil nothing but fear in every nurse, they have been given carte blanche to do what they want with our money. As everything seems to be going swimmingly now they have had a clear out, does this mean that the doubling of our enforced fee will now be halted? Does this mean that we will be getting a rebate? HA! I think not.
These power hungry oligarchs have spun us a yarn for years, threatening and weilding a big stick in what is little more than extortion. We no longer have any redress or even a telephone help line and yet have to continue with these enforced increased payments that many of us cannot afford.

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