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NMC launches consultation into nurse revalidation

NMC launches consultation into nurse revalidation

NMC launches consultation into nurse revalidation

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has launched the first part of a consultation into nurse revalidation and a review of the code.  

According to the NMC, the consultation will explore how nurses can be revalidated can be applied in different practice and employment settings. 

It will also consider the content and structure of the NMC Code, which is fundamental to good nursing and midwifery practice. 

Revalidation is process by which registered nurses and midwives will demonstrate to the NMC that they remain fit to practise and continue to adhere to the professional standards set out in the Code. Everyone on the NMC’s register will need to revalidate every three years at the point of renewal of registration.

Revalidation aims to protect the public and increase public confidence in nurses and midwives. It enables nurses and midwives to demonstrate their commitment to professional development.

Dr. Katerina Kolyva, NMC director of continued practice, said: “This consultation is an opportunity for everyone to have their say about revalidation for nurses and midwives. To get this right we need to hear from a range of people who will be affected by revalidation, which includes anyone cared for by a nurse or midwife.

“The Code is central to revalidation, so we are also taking the opportunity to ask what a revised Code and supporting guidance should look like, feel like and contain.”

The consultation will seek views on:

 - Ways in which nurses and midwives can obtain confirmation of their continuing fitness to practise by someone well placed to comment.

 - Using practice related feedback to improve standards of care.

 - How revalidation can meet the needs of an individual’s scope of practice or setting.

 - The look, feel and content of a revised Code.

Dr Peter Carter, Royal College of Nursing chief executive said: “The Francis Inquiry made it clear that a system for revalidating nurses needs to be introduced, and the RCN very much agrees with this. Patients deserve to know that every nurse is fit to practice in a modern setting and competent for the role they are performing.

“What we need to ensure is that nurses are properly supported to make the revalidation system work, whether through on-going post-registration training or through mentorship and supervision, as they are already experiencing very high workloads and seeing their finances hit hard. We need to see adequate funding for training support, as well as employers factoring in time for staff to complete this.” 


Already nurses have to spend a lot of time studying in their own time. With mandatory training , diplomas in what they are already doing well to tick boxes. Jumping through hoops and then the goal posts are changed again. A lot of clinical areas are struggling already to maintain adequate clinical care and struggle to recruit staff due to all the pressures nurses are under. This has to done correctly taking into account the already huge pressures. Nurses do have to keep up to date that's an absolute but we are entitled to have lives outside work , to have time with our families. Bring back good basic clinical training on the wards with clinical tutors. This could be on going and then you will get good clinical nurses not just nurses who can study write essays and pass exams! This does not make you a good caring nurse. Where is the incentive to work yourself to exhaustion then to be told now go home and forget your family and friends and study some more because you're got to prove your good enough. Where is the support going to come from? It won't be management. They have targets to meet, boxes to tick they do not care about their staff ,they have not got the time. Why are nurses not in charge of nurses and looking out for nurses as doctors do? I wish I could believe this will work and not cost us more emotionally physically and financially. Lorraine a disillusioned hard working good clinical caring nurse.

As a recently retired practice nurse working irregularly with a bank contract, I am concerned about the idea that client/patient comments may be needed to support revalidation as I will not have any 'regular' clients to approach in the way that GPs do.
Has anyone else thought about this?

Probably not because the actual nurses care and support are always at the bottom of the list, sad to say but true. The rcn is supposed to be for our support and protection but I do wonder sometimes as they make every think harder. Lorraine

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