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Tuesday 25 October 2016 Instagram
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NMC withdraws its telephone and advisory service

NMC withdraws its telephone and advisory service

NMC pulling the plug on its telephone advisory service

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) plans to withdraw its telephone and advisory service following a “refocus” of its functions.

The recent review claimed the service “confused” its purpose as a regulator.

Other organisations, such as trade unions, employers, CPD activities and peers have been recommended by the NMC as “better placed” to carry out the advisory and supportive role, once the service is officially pulled on 29 June.

General Secretary of the Royal College of Midwives Louise Silverton criticised the NMC for giving such short notice for the withdrawal of its advisory service.

“Giving 10 days notice for the withdrawal this service and expecting trade unions to pick up this service is not enough time for the handover, especially as the NMC is planning on raising fees while reducing its services,” she said.

Unite lead professional officer, Obi Amadi told Nursing in Practice the union will meet with the NMC next week to clarify the differences in the roles of professional organisations and trade unions compared with that of a regulatory body.

"There seems to be a contradiction here, so we will be very interested to hear what the NMC has to say on this,” he said.

The NMC said it has updated the nurses and midwives section of its website to allow nurses better access to NMC standards and guidance.



Sooo - the NMC are AGAIN putting up their charges to us, but scaling down their services that would help us against vexatious and spiteful complaints? Huh. Whats new??
If they were any good, they would weed out some of the awful and false complaints that make nurses and midwives lives hell, and concentrate instead on the rare breaches of professional practice that actually harm patients. Or stop the misuse of the NMC by useless "human resources" departments who have no idea how to deal with a minor disciplinary event.
But of course, that would be too much like hard work for them. Far easier to get poorly paid nurses to cough up more money and cut services to them into the bargain. The vast majority of nurses are band 5&6. Obviously being paid too much then.
Exactly what are we paying these pedantic officious people for?? Because we get very little out of it for our hard earned money.

I don't recall the NMC asking me (or any of my colleagues) if we thought that withdrawing this service would be a good thing. It is, after all, me and my colleagues who are paying the NMC.

I can see this is a cost saving exercise but I also wonder if it has anything to do with the advice offered to Registrants conflicting with the advice given in the formulation of charges against Nurses in Fitness to Practice Hearings.

I'd be interested to know how the NMC justify the cases where the advice offered by their Telephone Advice Service has been followed yet another branch of the NMC - the Fitness to Practice Directorate - have still charged the unfortunate wretch of a Nurse claiming that what they did went against The Code.

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