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Patients wait a year before visiting GP

Patients wait a year before visiting GP

Patients wait a year before visiting GP

Despite suffering from eight medical issues per year, the average Brit will wait a year before visiting a healthcare professional, a study has shown. 

Out of 2,000 adults polled, men wait an average of 12 months and 27 days before seeking an appointment, and women wait 11 months and 12 days. 

One in five wait until something is ‘seriously wrong’ and more than half never or very rarely visit their GP for a check-up. 

Around 30% of UK adults have a medical problem, injury or undiagnosed source of pain at one time, according to research commissioned by Spire Bristol Hospital. 

Spire spokesperson Rob Anderson said: “In the long run neglecting visits to your GP can put a big strain on the healthcare system. 

“It means serious problems can get much worse and even become life-threatening.” 

The study also revealed that only 14% thought those ages 20 to 27 needed to pay proper attention to their health. 

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