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Wednesday 26 October 2016 Instagram
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Tuberculosis on the rise in London

Tuberculosis on the rise in London

TB is on the rise in London

New figures, released ahead of World TB Day (Saturday 24 March) show that cases of  tuberculosis  in London have risen by 8%.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) have revealed that there were 3,588 new cases of TB in the capital, compared to 3,309 the year before. According to  HPA TB expert, Dr Sarah Anderson, the increase is partly connected to a rise in homelessness in the city.

"The risk of contracting TB is largely confined to a number of specific groups within London,” Anderson explained. "These include the homeless, problem drug and alcohol users, prisoners, as well as some non-UK born groups because of their links with countries where TB is much more common."

Anderson also stressed the importance of people recognising the symptoms of TB, which include a prolonged cough, fevers and weight loss.

Nationwide, cases of TB went  up by 9% in total last year.


Just wait until UKIP get hold of this information. What political mileage they will get from this. Especially now I have parents asking why their children do not have the BCG any more, but we give them to foreign babies.
I despise UKIP. But on the surface I can see their point.

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