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Children’s Health Resource Centre

Children’s Health Resource Centre

The Nursing in Practice Children’s Health Resource Centre aims to bring together the latest news and clinical articles on a range of paediatric conditions, including asthma, allergy, mental health and diabetes to help you provide the best care for children and infants.

Thanks to improved maternity services, better support for families, extensive immunisation and the push to identify and protect children at risk from violence, children in Britain enjoy better health than any previous generation. Primary care services are key to the health and protection of children and infants, and these organisations provide products and services for children, from birth to school age.

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Latest children's health news

23.05.17: New drugs to treat type 2 diabetes may soon become available which are safer and more effective, with reduced side effects and the need for insulin injections, research has revealed.
23.05.17: For the first time, the NHS has commissioned a health app to help patients with type 2 diabetes.
23.05.17: Patients with type 1 diabetes who use Lucozade drinks to treat hypoglycaemia should be made aware of changes to the drink’s glucose content.
22.05.17: Primary headache disorders are extremely disabling and highly prevalent. They place a significant demand on NHS resources and are an enormous financial cost to the UK economy.
05.05.17: Acne vulgaris (meaning ‘common’ in Latin) is often viewed as a rite of passage for teenagers and as such is often ignored by patients, parents and practitioners.

Latest children's health clinical articles

Thursday 4 May 2017
The primary care nurse is vital in the early detection and management of children and young people who are depressed. The nurse could potentially be the first point of contact when a parent, education or social care professional is concerned about a young person’s mental health.
Thursday 20 April 2017
What should nurses know about treating this common condition in children?
Monday 20 March 2017
Allergy is the most frequent chronic disease in children. Allergic conditions often begin in childhood and can persist for many years, often for life. However, they can also can develop at any age.
Friday 17 March 2017
A recent systematic review found brief interventions delivered by nurses to be the most effective at reducing alcohol consumption when compared with other provider groups.
Friday 3 March 2017
Self-harm is defined as 'any act of self-poisoning or self-injury carried out by an individual irrespective of motivation'.

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Advertorial features

Friday 27 May 2011
Amanda Ursell, renowned TV nutritionist, answers questions for healthcare and nursery practitioners on toddler diets and the importance of early years nutrition
Wednesday 31 March 2010
Paediatric Dermatologist Dr David Atherton (MA (Cantab) MB BChir FRCP) is skincare adviser for Fairy Non Bio and Fairy Fabric Softener, which aim to support the ongoing education and development of healthcare professionals in the area of infant skincare

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