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Friday 28 October 2016 Instagram
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Typhoid and paratyphoid are acute, generalised infections caused by Salmonella typhi or paratyphi bacteria. According to the Health Protection Agency, there were 500 reported cases in the UK in 2010 – that's a rise of over 67% in the last ten years.1,2 The travel clinic is the ideal place for nurses to provide travellers to endemic areas (predominantly Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and parts of Africa) with information about the risks of contracting typhoid, good hygiene practice and the vaccination they will need to prevent the disease.
We invite you to watch our short video about typhoid and paratyphoid vaccination options and learn more about what's available for your patients as they prepare for travelling abroad.
This video was produced in association with Crucell® and Vivotif® (live vaccine for oral immunisation against typhoid fever).
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