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Nursing in Practice London 2014 Presentations

Thank you for attending

We hope your enjoyed the Nursing in Practice London event this year and found the day valuable for your learning and development. Please find the presentation notes from thsi event as well as a certificate for your CPD folder on this page.

More presentations will be updated as and when we have them available, so please bookmark this page for future reference.

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CPD Certificate


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Presentation slides

Opening keynote speech: 
Hilary Garratt, Director of Nursing – Commissioning and Health Improvement, NHS England 
Stream 1:
Anne Copland, Nurse Practitioner, The Lanark Doctors Woodstock Medical Centre, Lanark
Supported by Aerocrine
Samantha Prigmore, Respiratory Nurse Consultant, St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust 
This symposium is organised and funded by AstraZeneca
Natalie Lee, Clinical Advisor, and Jane Wigg, Clinical Innovations Manager, Haddenham healthcare 
Supported by Haddenham Healthcare
Talking Points in Sexual Health
Dr Kathy French, Independent Nurse Advisor
This symposium is organised and funded by Pfizer
Gwen Kaplan, Cancer Awareness Lead Trainer and Gillian Kilgour, Cancer Awareness Lead Trainer, Cancer Research UK 
Supported by Cancer Research UK
Stream 2:
The role of hydration in managing metabolic disease 
Penny Hunking RD, R.SEN,R.Nutr (Public Health)
Supported by Stur Drinks 
Naomi Fiore, Senior Specialist Nurse, Prostate Cancer UK
Supported Prostate Cancer UK
Join the Debate: Treating Feverish Illness in Children. What impact will the NICE Quality Standards Review have on you?
Dr Edward Purssell, Senior Lecturer, Florence Nightingale School of Nursing & Midwifery, King's College London
Professor Monika Lakhanpaul, Professor of Integrated Community Child Health, University College London
Penny McDougall, Modern Matron of Paediatrics, Paediatric Unit, Kings College Hospital  
Supported by Calpol
Helen Stevenson, Nutritionist, Marks and Spencer
Dr Alex Johnstone, Senior Research Fellow, The Rowett institute of Nutrition and Health
Supported by Marks & Spencer
Marilyn Eveleigh, Consultant nurse and adviser, Nursing in Practice
Stream 3:
Julie Van Onselen, Independent Dermatology Nurse Specialist, Oxford
Supported by Stiefel a GSK Company
Practical advice on smoking cessation: Patients with long-term conditions 
Dr Jonty Heaversedge, GP
This symposium is organised and funded by Pfizer 
Managing severe asthma
Suzanne Regan, Asthma Clinical Nurse Specialist,Royal Brompton Hospital
Supported by Novartis
Gwen Hall, Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Portsmouth
Supported by  Janssen-Cilag 
Stream 4: 
Debbie Hicks, Nurse Consultant in Diabetes, Barnet, Enfield & Haringey Mental Health Trust
This symposium is organised and funded by AstraZeneca
Scar Management: Restoring confidence
Adele Atkinson, Principal Lecturer, Learning & Teaching Co-ordinator, Senior Lecturer, Tissue Viability, Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, Kingston University and St. George's University of London and Natalia Wieclaw, Bio-Oil Skincare Expert, Godrej UK
Supported by Bio Oil
Joanne Whitmore, Independent Cardiovascular Nurse Consultant and Sue Baic MSc RD RNutr, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist
Supported by Flora Pro-activ
Lunch Seminar:
Dr Carrie Ruxton, Consultant Dietitian
Supported by Coca-Cola
If you have any trouble with any of these forms please email Chris Smout on
Asthma -no place for complaceny.pdf2.91 MB
Atopic eczema.pdf2.3 MB
Cancer lets talk about it.pdf1019.76 KB
Heart Disease.pdf1.78 MB
Lymphoedema.pdf2.11 MB
Prostate Cancer.pdf745.27 KB
Safeguarding vulnerable adults.pdf861.45 KB
Type 2 diabetes - Debbie Hicks.pdf2.04 MB
NiP_London_2014_certificate.pdf81.28 KB
Exhaled Nitric Oxide in asthma management.pdf3.05 MB
Type 2 diabetes - Gwen Hall.pdf474.85 KB
Low Calorie Sweeteners - weight management.pdf1.61 MB
Satiety - from science to shelf.pdf4.79 MB

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