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Low calorie sweeteners

Low calorie sweeteners

There is a great deal of evidence to support the positive role that low calorie sweeteners can play in weight management.

Despite this, there are a variety of misconceptions on their safety, acceptable consumption level, and taste, amongst patients.

This CPD module has been developed by dietitian Lucy Jones, to help provide clarity on low calorie sweeteners.

The module is sponsored by Thirst for Knowledge, an educational initiative by Coca-Cola Great Britain, designed to better support the needs of healthcare professionals and their patients.


This short presentation helped underpin already existing knowledge, but also helped develop new knowledge with regard to the safety of using low calorie sweeteners. It was useful to identify that children and adult can take it safely and when used with a balanced diet and exercise weight loss can be achieved. It was interesting to know the ADI levels and this can be used to reassure patients that it is safe and that they need to consume large amounts before it may do harm. With an ever increasing obesity problem I can use this to improve the care and advice I give to my patients young and old.

The module has dispelled doubts about the safety of using low calorie sweeteners or more commonly called artificial sweeteners. Especially in this day and age of people using the social media. A lot has been on social media about the ill effects of aspartame in fizzy drinks.

Personally I would prefer to use stevia as it is plant based and has been used by the indigenous people from where the plant has come from.

As a nurse I would be able to discuss options of using low calorie sweeteners for diabetic patients and as well as those who are struggling to lose weight without compromising the taste of their dietary intake

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