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Nursing in Practice Belfast 2012 presentation slides

Nursing in Practice Belfast 2012 presentation slides

Here are the slide presentations from the Belfast 2012 Nursing in Practice Event in PDF format for you to download and view at your leisure.

KEYNOTE SPEECH: New directions for primary care nursing
Colm Donaghy, Chief Executive, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

Blood, spit and tears! O.ur interest P.revent D.eterioration?
Dr Vincent McGovern, Sessional General Practitioner, Belfast

Epilepsy management and the importance of pre-conceptual counselling within QOF
Berth Irwin, Epilepsy Nurse, Belfast Trust Morina Clarke, Regional Services Manager, Belfast Trust

Help patients to succeed in smoking cessation
Naomi Thompson, Senior Cancer Prevention Officer, Ulster Cancer Foundation

Coronary heart disease in primary care
Dr Margaret Cupples, Northern Ireland Chest, Heart and Stroke Association

Obesity management in primary care
Dr Cheryl Flanagan, Managed Obesity Network Northern Ireland

Delivering outstanding asthma care
Maeve Girvan, Specialist Community Public Health Nurse/Health Visitor, Asthma UK Northern Ireland

The challenges of nursing in primary care
Dr Carolyn Mason, Head of professional development, Royal College of Nursing

Keynote speech: Recent developments in depression
Paul Quinn, One Point of Referral, Belfast

Opening Keynote - Colm Donaghy .pdf549.26 KB
COPD - Vincent McGovern.pdf6.2 MB
Epilepsy - Beth Irwin.pdf12.93 MB
Epilespy - Morina Clarke .pdf237.46 KB
Smoking Cessation - Naomi Thompson.pdf1.03 MB
Coronary Heart Disease - Margaret Cupples.pdf931.3 KB
Obesity - Cheryl Flanagan.pdf2.3 MB
Asthma - Maeve Girvin.pdf285.27 KB
Challenges in Primary Care Nursing - Carolyn Mason.pdf1.74 MB
Depression - Paul Quinn.pdf3.02 MB

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