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Wound Care Resource Centre

Wound Care Resource Centre

The Nursing in Practice Wound Care Resource Centre brings together the latest developments in wound care to help you deal appropriately with wounds, reduce infection and choose the best methods of promoting healing.

Advances in technology, increased knowledge of the public regarding health and the ever-present focus on the cost-effectiveness of treatments have highlighted the need to re-evaluate the traditional delivery of wound care by practice nurses in GP surgeries and in the community.

Latest wound care news

24.11.16: Patients suffering from simple ankle sprains should not be encouraged to treat it with physiotherapy, but rather taught how to self-manage the injury at home reveals a study published by BMJ.
31.03.16: Patients with diabetic ulcers who are assessed quickly are more likely to be ulcer free three months later, a report has found
20.10.15: Nurses, along with other health professionals, will have to tell police about cases of female genital mutilation from 31 October 2015, it was announced today
25.09.15: For the last few decades the only way nurses could carry out an ABI was with a hand held doppler device. The procedure takes time to carry out and involves a lot of skill in order to obtain an accurate reading.
20.01.14: Rates of gout in the UK are soaring in the UK, a study has uncovered

Latest wound care clinical articles

Thursday 11 December 2014
Key learning points: - Holistic assessment of patients with infected wounds is essential to identify their risk factors - Accurate wound assessment and appropriate selection of wound management therapies will improve quality of life and reduce the potentially life-threatening risks associated with wound infection - Knowledge of cost-effectiveness and efficacy of wound management products are major considerations when managing patients with infected wounds
Monday 18 August 2014
Key learning points - Wound causes and special considerations for these different types - Wound assessment and dressings - Encouraging effective healing at different stages
Friday 11 October 2013
All skin wounds are vulnerable to infection, so recognising and intervening when infection appears to be setting in can improve healing time
Friday 21 June 2013
Key learning points: Assess patients holistically and effectively; Considerations for wound assessment and available tools; The role of moisture and wound edges
Tuesday 13 December 2011
Doppler ultrasound assessment is a vital and indispensible element of the process of assessing patients with leg ulceration before planning care.

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