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App helps patients read blood pressure

A smartphone app, which makes it easier to help patients with long-term conditions, was revealed at a BMJ hack day. 

A hack day encourages developers and researchers to create an application to be used on a smartphone, in competition with other groups. 

A “hack team” formed of two hackers and GP and clinical lecturer Anne Marie Cunningham created the winning app. 

The winning team's app includes a video on how and when to take blood pressure readings at home, as well as notifications to remind patients that they need to take a reading. 

The app also prevents patients from adding wrong values or adding more readings too quickly. 

The hackers were asked to develop ideas which could create a “zero harm” NHS and create better doctors for future healthcare, among other targets.

Sharon Cooper, BMJ's chief technology officer, thanked everyone who came to the event to share ideas and expertise and said she is looking forward to working with the winning companies to help develop their ideas further.