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£5.5m arthritis pain centre set up

The first research centre in the world dedicated to examining the pain caused by arthritis is to be established in the UK.

The £5.5m Arthritis Research Campaign National Pain Centre in Nottingham will be funded by Arthritis Research Campaign and the University of Nottingham.

Clinicians and scientists will work together at the centre to improve their understanding of arthritis and develop better treatments.

Over the next five years they hope to gain new insights into how arthritis pain is experienced, and probe its biological basis. The Pain Centre's director Dr David Walsh, from the University of Nottingham's Department of Academic Rheumatology, said there is a huge unmet need for better pain relief for people with arthritis.

He added: "Current treatment can help some people, but the future holds huge potential for developing new and better treatments for the millions who suffer from chronic pain."

Professor Alan Silman, medical director of the Arthritis Research Campaign, said the new centre has a "truly innovative approach".

He continued: "It will cover the basic pathways of pain perception and the changes in the tissues caused by arthritis to identify completely new targets for developing effective, safe and acceptable treatments."

Rheumatoid arthritis affects more than 400,000 people.

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