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1,000 nurses in Scotland promised

The Scottish Labour Party has promised to provide 1,000 extra nurses in Scotland should they win the next election.

Jim Murphy, Leader of the Scottish Labour Party claimed that this was one of their key priorities within Scotland and said: “It's a real win-win for Scotland. If Labour wins the election this May and win again in 2016 [during the Scottish Parliament elections] we will start recruiting those nurses on day one."

He claims that the funding for the extra nursing positions will come as a direct result of the £2million raised by mansion tax on homes within South London.

Speaking in Edinburgh he said: “"We will get the money for 1,000 extra nurses not by increasing taxes and the pressure on the working class, but by introducing a new tax - a mansion tax on houses worth over £2 million most of which is in London and the South East.”

The Conservative Party in Scotland have promised a similar number of nursing staff, but are looking to fund this by getting rid of free prescriptions.

The Royal College of Nursing in Scotland welcomed Mr Murphy's pledge but said a “whole system review” of health and social care was required to project how many staff will be needed in future.

Angus Robertson, the SNP's Westminster leader, said Mr Murphy's sums did not add up and claimed Labour was trying to “pull the wool over people's eyes by claiming it will spend the same money over and over again.