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300 heart attacks in people with diabetes every week

Shocking new figures reveal over 300 people with diabetes are admitted to hospital with a heart attack every week in the UK, warns leading health charity Diabetes UK.
Data from the NHS Information Centre also reveal a sobering tally of over 300 strokes, 65 foot or toe amputations and 38 leg amputations among people with the condition each week. 

Due to the way hospital data are recorded, these figures may well be lower than actual numbers as occurrences in the same person are only counted once.
Compared to those without the condition, people with diabetes are five times more likely to develop heart failure and cardiovascular disease and are two to three times more likely to have a stroke.

Heart attack, heart failure and stroke are major causes of death and disability in people with diabetes, accounting for 44% of fatalities in people with type 1 diabetes and 52% in people with type 2. 
Diabetes UK Chief Executive, Douglas Smallwood, said:  "Diabetes is the biggest health challenge currently facing the UK. Cardiovascular disease is the most common diabetes complication, sadly accounting for at least half of the 70 diabetes-attributable deaths that occur every day.
"Whilst we can't say for certain whether diabetes is the sole contributing factor behind these new figures, we do know from a wealth of previous research that there is a very strong link. 
"People with diabetes need to maintain good blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol control, take regular physical activity, eat a healthy balanced diet, and take any prescribed medications to reduce their risk of developing these devastating complications."
Diabetes UK