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Accommodation a problem for nurses

Nurses are still struggling to find affordable places to live despite the fall in house prices increasing the number of towns in which key workers find it easy to buy a home, according to research.

Mortgage lender Halifax said that key workers - who also include paramedics, teachers, firefighters and police officers - can now afford a typical property in 21% of towns in the UK, up from just 3% when house prices peaked in 2007.

Statistics show that police officers have seen the biggest change, with teachers also experiencing a substantial improvement in affordability.

Officers of the law can now afford homes in 37% of towns, while educators on a single salary are finding properties in a quarter of UK locations affordable, up from only 6% in 2007.

However, nurses continue to suffer severe affordability problems. The average nurse can afford to buy a property on a single salary in just 3% of towns, despite house prices having fallen by more than 20% since 2007, when just 0.4% of places had property that was affordable for nurses.

Grangemouth in Scotland is the most affordable place for key sector workers, while London's Kensington and Chelsea is the least affordable place to buy a home.

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