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Added-sugar drinks removed to reduce obesity

Drinks with added sugar will be removed from Tesco, in order to help reduce obesity rates, it has been revealed.

This will mean brands like Ribena, Capri-Sun and Rubicon will disappear from juice sections of the supermarket, as part of a bid to tackle obesity rates in children. 

Obesity is set to be a priority for the current government, and Jeremy Hunt, secretary of state for health, recently said: “I think it is a great scandal that one-in-five children leave primary school clinically obese and it is something that we cannot say that we accept. We absolutely need to do something about that.”

The drinks will be removed from shelves on September 7 as children return to school after the summer holidays.

Ribena has 10g of sugar per 100ml, Capri Sun has between 8.4 and 12.2g of sugar per 100ml, while Rubicon has 37.8g of sugar per carton, which is 42% of an adults reference daily intake of sugar.