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Alcohol Awareness Week launched in Scotland

Scots are being urged to put their own understanding of alcohol units under the spotlight and determine whether their consumption is compatible with a healthy lifestyle.

The inaugural awareness week kicked off yesterday and runs until October 27. It sees the Scottish Government, alcohol industry, health professionals and voluntary sector coming together for the first time.

Minister for Public Health Shona Robison said: "We know that most Scots drink responsibly, but also that alcohol-related health harm is on the increase. It can be difficult to know how much you are drinking when drinks can vary so much in size and strength.

"It is important that we all get to know the units in our drinks so we can make informed choices and take responsibility for our own consumption. That is why we have all come to together to host Scotland's first ever Alcohol Awareness Week.

"Across the country, organisations are joining in with the campaign, understanding that they have a part to play in promoting a Scotland where responsible, moderate consumption and seen as compatible with a healthy lifestyle."

Bryan Donaghey, Managing Director of Diageo Scotland, said: "Through the Scottish Government and Alcohol Industry Partnership, we have and will continue to participate in initiatives, such as the Alcohol Awareness week. We believe that this will really make a positive difference to Scotland's alcohol culture.

"We are determined to work in collaboration with Government and other stakeholders."

Tom Wood, chairperson of the Scottish Association of Alcohol and Drug Action Teams, said: "Recent evidence shows that people in Scotland underestimate how much they drink and have very little understanding of units.

"Alcohol Awareness Week gives us the opportunity to address this lack of understanding. Action teams across Scotland will be working very hard this week and will be taking the key messages of the campaign where the need to be - right to the heart of our communities."

Scotland's first Alcohol Awareness Week is one of the initiatives under the government's partnership with the alcohol industry.

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