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Alcohol: Kids 'frequently' see peers drunk online

Over a third of children have seen pictures of their friends drunk online, research has revealed. 

The poll, released by alcohol awareness charity Drinkaware, shows that 39% of children ages 10-17 have seen images of their friends drunk on social networking websites. 

More than one in ten (13%) of respondents were as young as 10-13 years old. 

Peer influence increases steeply with age, the research shows, with 7% of 10-11 year olds claiming they have been encouraged to drink by someone their age or younger, rising to 37% by the time they are 15-17 years old. 

Drinkaware marketing and communications director Anne Foster said: “Children as young as 10 are seeing drunkenness normalised through images - whether this is online, in the media or through their own experiences. Undoubtedly, friends are influential in shaping the way young people think about alcohol, but just as influential are parents who can provide support and advice to help children cope with these pressures.”