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Alzheimer's drug decision date confirmed

A date has been set for the courts to announce whether National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommendations for Alzheimer's patients will be altered.

Earlier this year NICE advised that specific drugs only be made available for patients with late stage Alzheimer's disease but the decision was challenged and brought to court.

Mrs Justice Linda Dobbs will make her ruling in the Royal Courts of Justice on Friday 10 August.

Lawyers for the Alzheimer's Society have highlighted how NICE has underestimated the costs of care when assessing three dementia drugs.

Chief Executive of the Alzheimer's Society Neil Hunt said: "Success with this legal challenge will change the lives of thousands of people with Alzheimer's disease in the UK - not just now but all those still to be diagnosed in the future too. NICE holds the fate of so many people's lives in its hands, it is only right that its decisions are subject to proper scrutiny.

"Whatever the outcome, we are glad the views of those affected by Alzheimer's disease have finally been heard in court. It was their determination, which has propelled this campaign so far forward, raising huge awareness of the issues facing people with dementia and their carers."

Alzheimer's Society

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