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Arthritis a “social timebomb” that needs confronting

Arthritis Care has launched a special campaign called "People Like Us" to highlight how difficult everyday life is for those with the condition.

As part of the campaign, 13 people with arthritis have made video diaries about their lives.

"People with arthritis are citizens and consumers, yet these diaries reveal their life is an obstacle course, full of hurdles to be negotiated," said Arthritis Care head of policy and campaigns Abigail Page.

"What's more, these diaries blast open the stereotype that arthritis is only about aches and getting older. It's all about people like us - and the diaries show it. "

She adds that arthritis is a "personal and social timebomb which society has to confront."

Arthritis Care are also calling on industry heads to design better products for people with arthritis.

"Nine million people have arthritis - and we're telling manufacturers to think harder and more creatively about making products that work for everyone, including us."

Arthritis Care will be heading World Arthritis Day this Friday 12 October.

Arthritis Care