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Assaults on Welsh NHS staff rise

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) in Wales has criticised figures that reveal a rise in the number of attacks on NHS staff in the country.

The number of assaults jumped to 8,466 in the last 12 months, the Welsh Assembly government statistics show.

This means there were 678 more assaults than during the previous year, despite a recent downward trend in violent incidents.

And Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust alone recorded 1,668 assaults - almost five attacks a day.

Tina Donnelly, head of the RCN in Wales, said the Assembly must do more to ensure the safety of nurses.

She added: "The Welsh Assembly government should promote a national awareness campaign to show that violence against nurses will not be tolerated in Wales.

"This will send a strong message of encouragement to the public who support nurses and other NHS staff, of deterrence to potential offenders, and of support to front-line nurses and staff who consistently report feeling that the government does not take this seriously.

"They should increase the number of successful prosecutions against those who commit acts of violence against NHS staff, and consider the need to increase the presence of security staff, community safety officers and police officers in NHS premises."

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