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Asthma UK campaign to raise awareness and funds

Asthma UK has today launched a new campaign to raise vital funds to support research into the causes and treatment of the condition.

The nation-wide campaign uses the message “Don't Wait” to urge people to act now and fund research that could save lives.

The campaign aims to make people aware of how devastating asthma can be. More people die each year of asthma than cervical and testicular cancer combined.

Neil Churchill, Asthma UK Chief Executive comments: “Asthma UK is one of the UK's major funders of asthma research, spending more than the government in this area, yet each year we are unable to support all of the high-quality research proposals we receive due to lack of funds.

“Tragically every seven hours a person dies following an asthma attack, but with regular donations Asthma UK can continue to fund vital research projects and bring about the breakthroughs that could save lives.”

Comedian Bill Bailey who has pledged his support to the campaign said: “Whether it's been debilitating, sometimes life-threatening or more commonly just annoying, asthmas has been my unwelcome companion for most of my life.

“I offer my wholehearted support to Asthma UK.”

Asthma UK