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Asthma UK warns South Asians to wrap up warm

Asthma UK has offered a cold winter weather warning to the thousands of people of South Asian descent living in the UK.

Despite the fact that asthma is less common among people of South Asian descent, they are three times more likely than UK Caucasians to be admitted to hospital for an asthma attack.

Dorothy Russel, an asthma nurse specialist from the Asthma UK Adviceline, said: "There are several steps you can take which should help you keep control of our asthma throughout the winter."

She recommends taking regular medicine, using an inhaler before stepping out into cold weather and wrapping up warm with a scarf over the nose and mouth.

Dorothy Russel added that people with asthma should have a written personal asthma action plan.

"This is a plan which should be completed by your doctor or asthma nurse in discussion with you, and contains the information you need to control your asthma," she says.

"It is important to make sure you have your asthma reviewed at least once a year - sooner if your symptoms are getting worse or you have severe asthma."

Asthma UK