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Autistic children need more help at school

The Autism Awareness Campaign wants Prime Minister Gordon Brown to provide more support for autistic children at school.

One in five children in the UK are autistic and many suffer without access to proper health services, say campaigners.

Ivan Corea, head of the UK based autism campaign says PM Gordon Brown should provide more help for autistic children at mainstream schools and look to open specialist schools as well.

"Gordon Brown has said that children deserve a world class education," she says.

"We are appealing to the Prime Minister please do no leave autistic children behind."

The Autistic Awareness campaign has called for a national strategy on autism and a ten year program of action including specially built schools and autism units in mainstream schools.

"Autism is not only a 24 hour job, it is also a very expensive business," says Ivan Corea.

"Many parents and carers have had to re-mortgage or sell their houses and take huge loans to pay for therapies or pay for education for their children.

"Parents, carers, and people with autism need greater financial support. The financial strain is enormous."

Autism Awareness Campaign UK

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"Yes, they do. I have a child who is not handicapped but has Asperger's. I had to take her out of public school and pay for someone to homeschool her which I can't afford. I couldn't get help for her in public school. I would get the run around" - Kim Wolverton, Brandon, MS