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Baby product sales predict boom

A rise in the sale of pregnancy products and a fall in condom purchases could be the harbinger of a new baby boom, it has been suggested.

Supermarket giant Tesco says that sales of folic acid and other nutrients that help babies develop during pregnancy have risen by 51% in its pharmacies.

Meanwhile, last year saw a 9% drop in condom sales throughout the firm's UK stores.

Peterborough in Cambridgeshire is the city with the most people gearing up for the arrival of tiny feet, where sales of the pregnancy aids have risen a massive 168%.

Tesco healthcare buyer, Joy Wickham, said: "We think that local hospitals in the Peterborough area, and indeed the rest of the UK, should take note of these latest statistics which suggest that baby wards could be full in the near future.

"It also looks as if there may be a link between the rising demand for pregnancy nutrients and a drop in demand for condoms, suggesting that many couples are now trying for a baby."

But the figures have surprised Ms Wickham, who said she would not have thought couples would be so eager to have children in the middle of a recession when people are traditionally saving their pennies.

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