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Ban on China children's food imports

The European Commission has announced a Europe-wide ban on all food forchildren being imported from China after contaminated milk powder wasfound to be responsible for several infant deaths in the country.

Some EU countries have already announced their own bans, but theCommission is now imposing a total ban on all food products from thecountry aimed at infants and young children.

Brussels is also adopting an agreement to step up testing of all otherfood imports from China which contain at least 15% milk products. Therewill also be random testing of other foods which could be affected.

However, the authorities did move to reassure consumers that there was no evidence so far of imports to the UK being affected.

"As far as we know there has been no contamination in food originatingfrom China which has already been imported into the EU," a commissionspokeswoman added.

The UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) added its own reassurances, sayingthere was no evidence of contaminated products from China arriving here.

A spokesman said: "There is no evidence that any products containingthe affected milk products have made it to the UK. But industry and theFSA are well placed to take action if any are found."

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