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Bid to shield children from alcohol

Britain's biggest teaching union is calling for children to be protected from marketing that promotes the "blight" of underage drinking.

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) is calling for TV commercials promoting unhealthy food and drink to be banned.

And it also wants drink manufacturers to be prevented from running marketing campaigns aimed at young people.

In a new manifesto for England's schools, the NUT said: "It is essential that the advertising of unhealthy food and drinks should be regulated.

"There should be a ban on the advertising of these products on television."

According to the NUT, one in five youngsters excluded from school is thrown out for drinking alcohol, while drink-related deaths among young people have risen by nearly 60% since 1991.

"The blight of underaged drinking is damaging the learning, lives and the future of young people," the union said.

And it called on ministers to seek a commitment from the alcohol industry "not to target young people through sponsorship and advertising".

The group added: "If that fails, the government should commit itself to regulating the alcoholic drinks industry to achieve this objective."

National Union of Teachers

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