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Binge drinking bladder risk for women

Women who binge drink may be at risk of rupturing their bladders, doctors write in this week's British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Previously this condition was only seen in men who drank excessive amounts of alcohol, they say, but women's drinking habits have changed in recent years so that this health concern affects them as well.

Dr Mohantha Dooldeniya and colleagues describe in the BMJ three women who presented with lower abdominal pain after drinking too much alcohol.

After initial examinations pointing to urinary infection and appendicitis it was found that all three women had ruptured bladders and needed surgery.

Drinking alcohol increases the volume of urine and also makes people less responsive to signs that they should relieve their bladders.

The BMJ authors suggest that with women drinking increasing amounts of alcohol, complications previously only seen in men should now also be considered in women.