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Birth video attracts attention

Video-sharing sites are currently showing a controversial film of a schoolgirl giving birth on a school field in a bid to cut the number of teenage pregnancies.

The hard-hitting video has attracted more than 70,000 hits on sites including YouTube and Kontraband, according to its creators NHS Leicester City.

The film, dubbed Teenage Kicks, was made as part of a campaign to warn youngsters about teenage pregnancies and features a girl giving birth on a school playing field surrounded by her peers.

Designed to appeal to young people, the clip is filmed as if it was caught on a mobile phone and starts with a gang of teenagers running towards a crowd of other schoolchildren. In the middle of the jeering crowd is a girl giving labour, while another helps her.

The clip ends with the slogan: "Not what you expected?" followed by, "Being a teenage parent might not be either" and then refers young people to the campaign's website,

Leicester NHS Trust said although the clip may be seen as graphic, it was designed to get young people's attention.

Chief executive Tim Rideout said: "Our aim is to raise awareness, for all under-18s, on issues around relationships, teenage sex and pregnancy."

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