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Black tea could combat type 2 diabetes

Drinking black tea may help to combat type 2 diabetes, research reveals.

Green tea has long thought to possess various beneficial healthy properties, but now a team from the University of Dundee believe black tea may also be therapeutic.

The team found that theaflavins and thearubigins in black tea mimicked the action of insulin in the body.

But Graham Rena, lead researcher, warned: “This is something that needs further research and people shouldn't be rushing to drink masses of black tea thinking it will cure them of diabetes - we are still some way from this leading to new treatments or dietary advice.

“Our research into tea compounds is at a preclinical, experimental stage and people with diabetes should continue to take their medicines as directed by their doctor.”

He adds, however, that there is “definitely something interesting in the way these naturally occurring components of black tea may have a beneficial effect, both in terms of diabetes and our wider health.

The results of the research appear in the current issue of the journal Aging Cell.

Aging Cell