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Blog: Taking care of diabetic feet

Does the warmer weather inspire you to be outside and exercise more? It is often the time of year when it seems easier to convince our patients to become more physically active. Whether or not this lasts for any length of time is anyone's guess, but at least we can try to encourage them.

Of course for patients to be more physically active, they need to be physically mobile and not have serious problems with their feet. As we are all well aware, feet can really suffer as an outcome of poorly controlled diabetes. Recently, Diabetes UK produced a new leaflet about foot checks for people with Diabetes. This leaflet is name: 'what to expect at your annual foot check' and can be ordered via their online shop using the following link:

It is an attractive and brightly coloured leaflet produced in order to enable those with diabetes to know just what to look out for when checking their feet, and what to expect when they have their feet checked at their annual review.

In fact if you do ever go the Diabetes UK website, there are several leaflets concerned with feet, under the campaign title, 'Putting Feet First'.  You may find the others are more suited to what your patients need. All of us whether or not we have diabetes, have probably neglected our feet at some point, yet we expect our feet to always be there and to carry us around. With Diabetes, feet are under greater attack, so they need to be well cared for.

When patients attend our surgeries for their annual check, it may sometimes feel like a box-ticking exercise, but there is so much that we need to be doing. If we find the patient's feet are at risk, we must explain this to them and how they can protect their feet and how they can manage any problems they may have with their feet. This new leaflet, has an area where the level of risk for that person can be indicated - we have a duty of care to make sure our patients know and understand this.

Are many of you members of the Primary Care Network at Diabetes UK? This consists of an online network, which is fairly simple to register for and where you receive regular updates about what's happening in the world of diabetes. Click here to take a further look:

There are new videos, which may help with answering some of your own patients' questions and as well as four times a year receiving a copy of 'update', which is the health professionals' guide to the latest news within Diabetes. If sometimes you feel you don't have the right answer for your patients have a look on this, and if it does not help where you had hoped, contact them and tell them what would help instead.

Where do you get your support and information for your practice from, have you thought about sharing that with others like you? Why not get in touch, either via the comments section below the blog or email via the contact us section.