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Booklet offers elderly care advice

A booklet "Seeing Me" released by the national charity Sense could help nurses care for elderly people with sight and hearing problems.

It is estimated that sight and hearing difficulties affect one in five people aged over 60 years living in the UK.

Sense say their booklet will help healthcare staff diagnose dual sensory loss and support older people in both residential care and in their own homes.

Nurses can teach elderly people with dual sensory loss how to communicate and carry out their day-to-day activities.

Head of Sense Campaigns and Public Policy Sue Brown said: "Care for the elderly is constantly in the news. But unless we take account of dual sensory loss, attempts to plan for an ageing population will fail."

Sense is also holding seminars around the UK targeted at health staff offering elderly care.

The first seminar will be held in London 24 July at the Wellcome Conference Center and more will take place in Sheffield, Manchester and Bristol later in the year.


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