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Boots creates alcoholism awareness booklet

Boots' pharmacists has written a booklet helping nurses to recognise signs of alcohol dependence, in collaboration with the Royal College of Nursing and the Royal College of General Practitioners.

One in 13 adults in the UK has an alcohol problem but it can often go undetected as GPs only receive six hours training on addiction in their seven years' training.

As most people dependent on alcohol try to disguise their symptoms, nurses can often mistakenly diagnose them with depression.

The booklet gives nurses practical advice on how to pinpoint signs of alcohol dependence.

Stephen Pemberton, Boots Pharmacy Service Manager, said: "Pharmacists monitor patients' regular medication and observe signs and symptoms, often having personal consultations with patients whose progress seems to justify possible interventions."

The booklet will be available at 4,000 Boots' pharmacists around the UK.


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"I think it depends on the individual. Some hide their symtoms very well and others are so drunk they cannot hide it" - Elizabeth Carr, Bolton PCT