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Boots nurses back on the high street

Boots UK, the UK's leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer, have announced the opening of two nurse-led health clinics, the first of their kind since nurses worked in Boots stores offering services in the 1920s.

Located within stores in Milton Keynes and Nottingham, the nurse-led clinics will provide high-quality services to the local community, including health checks, lifestyle support, travel clinics and sexual health.

The nurse-led clinics in Boots stores will complement existing services and build on relationships with local communities, offering more convenient access to healthcare close to where people live, work and shop, and helping to overcome cost challenges within the NHS.

By providing access to healthcare professionals during store-opening hours, the clinics will make it easier for the local community to receive better health and in future, social care, where and when they need it.

The concept of nurse-led services is not new to Boots. From the 1920s, hospital-trained nurses worked in Boots stores, in association with local GPs, and provided healthcare and advice to patients for several decades.

Now, Boots UK's innovative nurse-led clinics will be able to work in partnership with other healthcare professionals to respond to their need to reduce costs, while improving productivity and the quality of care and enhancing access to services in a way that is convenient to patients.

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"I work in the NHS and have used the local Superdrug nurse in Newcastle for travel medicine. The service was quick and excellent, on a walk-in basis and cheaper than my GP. Will Boots be as competitive?" - Nathan Maxwell, Whitley Bay

"Great idea ... but Superdrug have had nurse-led clinics for the last 3 years doing a wide variety of services including travel" - Tracy McCutcheon, London

"Good idea considering the government are looking to move healthcare into the community" - C Bills, Tyne & Wear

"Fantastic idea" - Tracy Locke, Nottingham