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Breast is best in Cardiff

Benign breast conditions affect one in five women and are twice as common as breast cancer.

Jackie Harris, Breast Health Nurse Specialist for Breast Cancer Care, spoke to delegates at the NiP Event in Cardiff this morning on breast health, and highlighted the prevalence of benign breast conditions.

She described how finding a lump or a change in the breast is very worrying for a woman, and often by the time they reach their general practice they have convinced themselves they have cancer.

However, evidence shows that if a health professional spends time with a patient, and does a full comprehensive examination, 85% of women who present with a benign condition will leave feeling better, their cancer fears allayed.

There are of course some problems that need to be referred on to specialist care. In these instances Jackie recommended that nurses can help patients by clearly telling them where they are being referred, how long they will have to wait for an appointment, who they will see and what they can expect at that appointment.

When it comes to breast health and self-examination, Jackie suggests we keep it simple - know what's normal and report any changes.

For more information on Breast Cancer Care go to their website.

And for more information on the Cardiff NiP Event, taking place right now, presentations will be available on this site over the coming weeks. We'll let you know in the Email News Bulletin.