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Breast cancer iPhone app available

A new iPhone application to remind women to check for signs of breast cancer has been launched after it was revealed that 50% of females are not carrying out regular checks.

Designed to improve understanding of the disease, the iBreastCheck application allows women to set a personalised alert to check for any unusual symptoms after a study for Breakthrough Breast Cancer revealed that half of women questioned did not examine themselves on a regular basis.

The survey also revealed that 53% of women do not know that drinking alcohol can increase their risk of developing breast cancer, 47% do not think putting on weight could have the same effect, and 44% do not know they could reduce their chances of the disease by exercising regularly.

Dr Sarah Rawlings, head of policy at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, said: "While most breast cancers are in women aged over 50, a woman can develop the disease at any time so it is vital that all women are breast aware."

The iBreastCheck application is free to download from iTunes and the website.

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"It is friendly reminder for every women to have conscious about their health and breast cancer" - Sr.Lima Josephine, India