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British men worried about their weight

A poll has found that British men worry as much about their "figures" as women.

Some 50% of men, around 10 million in Britain, now describe themselves as "fat" and are keen to lose weight.

A quarter of the 3,000 men surveyed by home health monitors Tanita also admitted to being embarrassed by their bodies and self-conscious when naked in front of their partners.

One in ten men said they would consider undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Psychologist Jill Owen said: "Men are expected to be 'new men' and are expected to look good while they do it. There are so many images out there in adverts and on television that have become the focus of how they should look.

"Traditionally women were the ones who were always worrying about the shape of their bodies, now men are doing the same thing."

Some 72% of men said that adverts and magazine covers made them feel insecure about their bodies and another 22% admitted they had life about their weight or waist size.

Brenda Mortimore, president of the Association of Fitness Instructors, said: "For a while now women have been under the impression that the 'perfect' look involves having a figure like a stick insect.

"It seems that notion is now spreading to men too. I would suggest lots of guys aren't happy with the way they look when in fact they probably look fine."