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Britons 'no time to stay healthy'

More than 70% of people are struggling to find enough time in the day to keep on top of their life, according to a study.

Some 71% of adults told Scottish Widows they did not have the time for their health, wealth and home life.

The biggest concern was health, with 45% of respondents saying they felt they should be doing more exercise, and 38% concerned they were ignoring their overall health in general.

The Priorities of Life Index also found that 38% believed they were not saving enough while 35% thought they were neglecting their overall financial security.

And people's home life is also taking a back seat, with 20% feeling unable to commit enough time to their partners, 31% craving more time with friends, and more than 10 million parents and grandparents worried they are not making enough time for their children or grandchildren.

Almost two in five people (37%) feel they are unable to focus enough on their job security, with the same proportion concerned they are not devoting the time needed to progress in their career.

Iain McGowan, savings expert at Scottish Widows, said: "We remain in difficult times, with Britons still unable to give their health, wealth or home life as much priority as they would like.

"Although it can seem daunting, taking the first steps towards improving your financial outlook is vital in getting control of other areas of your life.

"These steps could be as simple as making the most of this year's ISA allowance, increasing your pension contributions, or making sure your family is protected should something happen to you."

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