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Brits say condoms are "too embarrassing"

Nurses may need to get stuck into sexual health campaigns as a survey shows two thirds of people struggle to talk about condoms with a new sexual partner.

New research from the family planning association (fpa) for this week's Sexual Health Week shows that 70% of people said talking about condoms was embarrassing and 42% thought it was a "turn off".

A third of people said it was such a tough conversation that they were put off using condoms all together.

Chief Executive of the fpa Anne Weyman said: "We have to ask why in the 21st Century when sex is so widely portrayed in British culture, talking about condoms is still embarrassing.

"People in their thirties, forties and fifties, who may be supremely confident about everything else in their lives, struggle at the thought of talking about condoms."

A third of people also said they regretted not bringing up the issue of condoms in the past.

Anne Weyman says thirtysomethings are the "forgotten generation" and we are too preoccupied with the sexual education of the young.

"Tirthysomethings are also entering into new sexual relationships," says Anne.  

"They need as much support with their sexual health as young people do. "

The fpa have produced a new booklet featuring "pillow talk tips" which aim to get couples talking about condoms.

family planning association (fpa)
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