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Broccoli may protect against bladder cancer

Eating freeze dried broccoli sprouts may protect the bladder from cancer, research shows.

Experts found that broccoli cut the development of bladder tumours in animals by more than half.

Study author Yuesheng Zhang said: “Although this is an animal study, it provides potent evidence that eating vegetables is beneficial in bladder cancer prevention.

Evidence suggests that phytochemicals called isothyiocyanates (ITCs) inside broccoli may protect the bladder from cancer.

“Epidermiological studies have shown that dietary ITCs and cruciferous vegetable intake are inversely associated with bladder cancer risk in humans.

“It is possible that ITC doses much lower than those given to the rats in this study may be adequate or bladder cancer prevention.”

Other vegetables containing ITCs include cabbage, kale and collard greens.

This research was published by the American Association for Cancer Research.

American Association for Cancer Research