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Call for cut back on statins announced

New research suggests those at low risk of cardiovascular disease should not take statins as standard practice.

Recent news coverage publicised the new study of 34,000 patients conducted by experts at the Cochrane Library, which indicated that there is not enough evidence to justify giving cholesterol-lowering statins to people with no history of heart disease.

Dr Liz Leigh-Firbank says: "There are a lot of easily-incorporated diet and lifestyle changes that can have beneficial affects on heart health and reduce cholesterol level. Eating foods with an active cholesterol-lowering ingredient such as plant sterols is a great place to start.

"Additionally, eating the right kind of 'good' fats (found in spreads, vegetable oil and nuts) and less of the 'bad' ones (found in butter, fatty meats such as lamb, and processed food such as cakes and pies); taking more exercise; losing weight; giving up smoking and not drinking in excess can all help improve cholesterol levels and heart health. These diet and lifestyle changes can also be beneficial for those on statin medication."

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