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Call to delay nursing school move

Glasgow University has been urged to postpone planned cuts to its Nursing and Health Care School while the Scottish Government reviews healthcare education.

The Royal College of Nursing made the appeal after the university announced cuts and mergers in departments including the nursing facility amid plans to bridge a £35m 'funding gap'.

Ellen Hudson of RCN Scotland said: "Losing a nursing education provider like Glasgow University's Nursing School could mean a lack of overall capacity to deliver pre-registration and post-registration education for nurses in the future, and could also result in the loss of expertise of staff. The Scottish Government's Chief Nursing Officer is leading a review of nursing and midwifery education in Scotland, beginning in May, so we would urge the University to delay any decision about the future of its Nursing School until the review is complete.

"The demand for newly qualified nurses from Glasgow University is extremely high and this reflects the high calibre of their nursing programmes. Not only that, the Nursing School has an excellent reputation for research and is currently funded to carry out research for Macmillan Cancer Support, the Chest, Heart and Stroke Association and the MS Society."

Since Glasgow University announced a consultation into departmental cuts, the School of Nursing and Health Care has received a great deal of support, arguing that nursing services are in high demand, with a 99% employability rate.

The University responded: "We will, of course, take into consideration the comments of the associate director of the Royal College of Nursing and these will form part of the ongoing consultation process."

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"As soon as I read this announcement my first thought was it was a publicity stunt. Lets face it if they had announced that Classical Civilisation or Slavonic Studies was closing how many people who have sat up and noticed. No, announcing the possible closure of the Nursing Studies Department was a clever one. Time will tell if this is true. It would not
only mean the loss of undergraduate training but also the many post graduate opportunities for nurses and the good but expensive study days they run too" - Rhona, Scotland

"Absolutely disgraceful - it would appear that, as usual we have the 'pen pushers' making all the decisions based on little or no ability to grasp the fact that it is crucial we have a highly educated and trained nursing workforce to take us into the future. This is particularly crucial for an ageing population who have a longer life expectancy. Standards require to be raised, not lowered especially following reports of infection, nutrition issues.  As usual all the cutting seems to be done for those
required to work on the front line and, as usual they appear to be regarded as expendable as opposed to crucial" - Gale McCallum, Glasgow